War in Ukraine

The following photographs are a timeline of different events throughout the course of the Donbas war in Ukraine stretching from Luhansk region to southern Donetsk Oblast. Many of the photographs below were taken during the night when much of the fighting breaks out. Some photographs are captioned though some villages/towns have not been disclosed.

The captain of the battalion contacts his scouts as fighting begins in the village of Mary'inka, Donetsk.

SPG operators prep their weapon for return fire. Each day they must move quickly to confuse opposition fighters.

Ukrainian armed forces prepare to return fire.

A return is made in response to shelling from opposition forces.

A Ukrainian soldier searches for movement having returned fire at 20:16 during the summer months.

A soldier nervously smokes during the hours of midnight.

A village along the front of the line of contact. Responding fire is made from one side, whereas on the other, some villagers remain caught in between fighting.

A soldier of the Ukrainian national guard shows his discontent towards another fellow officer for taking photographs with flash. Flash photography is prohibited during the night, especially 4 feet from trenches.

A soldier looks out towards opposition territory in the approaches of sunset.

Separatist forces launch attacks just after sunset.

A soldier loads weaponry shortly before an attack is received by opposition forces.

A stray dog walks the streets of a village in Donbas.

A house destroyed by battle on the outskirts of the Donbas

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