Al Qayyarah oil fields, Iraq following the retreat of Daesh

A young boy fights off a man from attempting to steal his aid.

Mosul, Iraq: As attacks intensify, women grab what provisions they can from a UN distribution point.

Volunteers help extinguish oil fires in Al-Qayyarah, Iraq following the defeat of Daesh

Project photographing Kazakh populations following a resurgence in numbers due to the famine of 1933

Pakistan, northern territories

Karakoram highway, Pakistan

Students learn how to handle firearms in Ukraine as part of a long standing Soviet tradition, that has increased following heightened tensions with Russia.


Rwanda, during a site excavation for remains from the genocide

Opytnoye, Donetsk Oblast: Nadezha stays behind in Donbas looking after the pets of neighbours long gone

Maria points to her home following damage from shelling and mortar fire, Opytnoye, Ukraine

Documenting UK immigration alongside Migrant Voice

Igor, a victim of sniper fire during the Maidan revolution shows me his post operation photos

A Ukrainian soldier gulps an energy drink following a fierce firefight in Donbas


Sarajevo, Bosnia - 20 year remembrance

Srebrenica, Bosnia. Buildings remain derelict 20 years after the genocide

Sarajevo, Bosnia


Protestors of the blasphemy law block a road leading to the motorway, Islamabad

Police prepare a push to end the blasphemy law protestors

Documenting UK immigration alongside Migrant Voice

Sarajevo, Bosnia

Sarajevo, Bosnia

Immigration in London with Migrant voice

A Syrian refugee stands in an unofficial camp in a desert of Jordan

Amman, Jordan - a refugee looks out into the city discussing the complexities of leaving Syria

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