Stan and slavery

In Pakistan, some are forced to work in brick kilns without pay until a debt is fully returned leaving families in devastating circumstances equating to modern day slavery.

In many instances, brick kiln owners do not tell employees their debt is paid and they continue to work receiving only food and shelter with no running water. Many are illiterate.

Children and adults as young as 7 work in excessive temperatures making 3,000 bricks per day. During summer months many begin between 2:00am and 4:00am until 11:00am regardless of age.

The fear that takes hold manifests on many levels. Fear of destitution, beginning anew and what will happen to loved ones should they escape.

Having sent several emails and made telephone calls to the Pakistani government I am yet to receive a comment. Two years ago Pakistan's government vowed to wipe out this practice.

It is shocking how many children work below the ages of 10, employed to undertake back breaking labour.

Many trapped in poverty see it as a better alternative to begging and item retrieval from refuse centres filled with used syringes.

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