Ty Faruki

A soldier sits against the backdrop of a grey concrete wall. Editor's pick for the People Award in The Independent Photographer

Climate Change in Somalia:

Millions of people are affected by regular, almost yearly droughts caused by anthropogenic climate change creating famine and disease as a consequence. From Somalia's capital, Mogadishu to the rural parts of Baidoa, the East African country has been subject to tremendous stress brought about by human-induced climatic changes. According to Save the Children, more than 70% of people were affected by the drought and went without food and water.

Little aid is delivered and agencies on the ground began to struggle without the necessary media coverage to spotlight the problems of displaced people where 6 million faced food insecurity.

Recovering from civil war, plagued by terrorism and regular droughts, year on year Somalia contends with more than one problem.

Increasing extreme weather patterns are diluting the availability of fertile soil causing widespread food shortages and an undetermined future. These photographs were taken as part of an NGO project.

Soldiers continue to drive in a jeep
A group of women walk in a desert
A hazy photograph with 2 people in the foreground
A group of people crowd together outside at sunset in Somalia
A dramatic photograph of a boy in shallow depth of field can be seen as a car drives away from his camp
A portrait of a crowd of children in the street
People carry food on their backs
An elderly woman looks into the camera
A silhouetted soldier patrols rural parts of Somalia
A boy and girl sit in the foreground and background as sunset approaches
A photo of reflected barbed wire from inside a car window
A malnourished patient in Somalia

Kismayo prays for rain:

In the village of Kismayo, hundreds of people came together to pray for rain, a movement of major significance pointing to the devastation caused by a lack of water.

As we traveled around the area, the havoc wreaked by drought was plain to see through a lack of vegetation, dry air and the general vacancy of vitality of plant life and fauna in the region.

Following Friday prayers a young boy looks for his parents
Somalis pray outside
A family walks in the street
A Somali soldier guard stands watch
Children stand for prayer on a sand-based football pitch
A boy begs for money at Mogadishu international airport
Soldiers drive in a jeep on both the back and inside of it

Environmental changes increase the terror threat level:

All around Somalia, signs of the dire situation are evident in visual clues such as fortified residential homes, hotels and the lack of any form of humidity. In the city, the situation is different as expected with any natural catastrophe. But additional security and an increased threat of violence from militant groups makes conditions difficult to live with.

Somalia is supported by the African Union in their fight against hostile groups, but the ever changing situation brought about by climate change will always enhance the terror threat level due to the long term nature of the consequences that are influenced by global warming in the country. Depleted food stocks and a low yield agriculture industry heighten the propaganda produced by terror cells in a country that is number five on the Global Terrorism Index.

A mother clutches her child
A dehydrated foot caused by drought
A silhouetted person at sunset
A backlit child is running
A silhouetted person at sunset
A person holds grain in their hands
A portrait of a soldier standing with a gun
People carry water away from a UN center
An elderly woman stands looking out into the distance
A queue of people line up at an aid distribution center
At sunset, a silhouetted woman walks in a rural area