Ty Faruki

Clouds of smoke rise into the sky

“Eco-terrorism” in Iraqi Kurdistan:

Retreating from an incoming coalition of Iraqi and Peshmerga forces, Daesh set fire to oil fields in Al Qayyarah Iraq, the main source of income for the town. It is understood the fires were ignited to prevent an incoming airforce from tracking them and to hamper future use of it.

The result of these destructive fires was contamination of local water and rising health risks including respiratory illness causing many to call this an ‘act of eco-terrorism’.
A road  is followed. Cracked glass can be seen on the car window
An exploded truck destroyed by militants
Three men stare out from a pile of smoke, ash, and fire in oil fields. Photograph shortlisted for the British Journal of Photography's Portrait of Humanity Award
A man clutches a tissue as fire engulfs the vicinity.
Two men stare out from a firey put from an oil field in Iraq
A man stares into a fiery pit
A man stands against a backdrop of smoke
Two men investigate the oil pits following fires lit by militants
A fiery pit can be seen
Construction workers and equipment can be seen helping to quell the fire
Three firefighters are taking a break
Four firefighters are taking a break
Clouds of smoke loom over a desert plain
A portrait of an Iraqi firefighter
A cloud of smoke against a blue sky
A firefighter can be seen against the backdrop of smoke
Two firefighters assess the damage
A cloud of smoke in the desert
A cloud of smoke takes over the desert plain against a backdrop of blue skies
Desolate landscape in the Middle Eastern desert