Ty Faruki

London Portrait Photographer:

A photograph can make or break your image, so it is vital to ensure your portfolio and the way you are perceived is regularly maintained with a set of relevant pictures that deliver the right message.

Making sure you take the time to have your portrait (for press or brand) taken is a must, especially in a world that is driven largely by agencies and social media.

Having yours captured and taken in a different and creative way will help raise your profile and set you apart for a visually distinct manner of recognition. Contact me to find out more and discuss ideas.

A woman in her early 20s stands in golden hour lighting for an independent modelling agency.
A woman in her mid-20s with her hair down wearing a white top and trousers sits on the floor against a green curtain backdrop.
Rapper Apex Zero poses in front of a window which casts a shadow against him.
Rapper Cam Thomas stands at a studio against spotlighting for artwork wearing an all-black outfit and durag.
Monochromatic portrait of Mercury Music Prize winner Speech Debelle, shortlisted for Portrait of Britain Award Volume 6. Debelle, head tilted back, smiles freely with tongue out, embodying joy and liberation.
Rapper Karl Sage of LifeLong Records sits against a white wall wearing a tan cap and blue jeans with cream t-shirt.
Rapper Luchi sits wearing a blue outfit in a blue chair with his back to a gold curtain
Journalist Emmanuel Onapa stands against a green garage door wearing a white sweater and tracksuit bottoms.
Two women wearing a niqab, one white and one black holding white flowers
A female model in her early 20s wearing a floral hijab and white outfit looks into a mirror.
A female rapper in her early 20s sits in a chair wearing red and white clothing and a hijab with her eyes closed.
Singer Saîna leans against a block of concrete for a magazine interview in Wembley stadium. She is wearing an all-white outfit.
A woman in her mid to late 20s wearing a red dress stands on top of a white block
A woman in her mid-30s sits at a table laughing with her hand on her head. She is wearing a stripey blue and white T-shirt and a red hat.
A male model in his early 30s sits on a concrete brutalist wall against a blue sky backdrop. He is wearing a light pink suit with a white T-shirt.
Singer Freya Beer for an editorial feature captured in slow shutter speeds. She is wearing a black jacket and white trousers.
A man in his 20s wearing blue denim jeans crouches clutching his head
A man in his late 20s with dreadlocks as a hairstyle looking serious against a blue sky
A man in his early 20s has his body wrapped in plastic in a forest. He is wearing white trousers and a mustard yellow sweater.
A man in his early 20s stands against a yellow wall wearing a yellow jumper and bleached blonde hair with a skateboard by his feet.
Rapper Smiley Smuggler sits on top of a yellow speaker in his hometown of Reading.
A female model, in her early 20s with her head shaved is laughing as part of an editorial feature for fashion brand Shugakane.
A female model wearing a bomber jacket and hot pants dances and smiles.
Rapper Hasan Salaam points wearing a baseball cap in Leicester Square.
A man wearing a white bucket hat, black hooded jumper, and black sunglasses sticks his tongue out for the clothing brand 'Suferior'.
A black and white portrait of a man, late 20s, in a studio against a white background
Two band members sit back to back lit by sunlight on the floor.